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I.M.V.PRESSE controls most of the work-order execution process. This is because such process is carried out almost in its entirety within the company. The outsourced production, on the other hand, is entrusted to specialized suppliers of proven quality and selected over time. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is conceived with the idea that our machines has to last for decades.

The in-company process entails:
Mechanical machining
Assembly at the customer’s facilities and start-up
After-sales assistance

  • The design is carried out with two-dimensional and three-dimensional software programs, as well as with simulation programs for components developed specifically for the purpose.
  • 90% of the mechanical machining jobs are carried out within the company, thanks to a workshop equipped with modern and accurate machinery.
  • The assembly is carried out internally, testing the machine in operation prior to its delivery.
  • The software is designed to supervise the best way possible all plant functions, make the operator’s job as easily as possible and allow for remote assistance on the plant.
  • The components used are of leading brands and available throughout the world.

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