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Speed and competence

I.M.V.PRESSE is organized in such a way as to provide a high-level assistance service capable of truly supporting the customer. Obviously, this type of service has its costs, consequently I.M.V. allows its customers to choose different options, depending on their budget and needs.
Available during regular business hours, it ensures the possibility to request assistance
    for small breakdowns and order spare parts.
Available subject to appointment in order to ensure the possibility to carry out checks and
    verifications through the Ethernet connection and diagnostics in order to set up a faster
    and targeted maintenance job.
Available subject to appointment, it ensures the execution of a check-up, by specialised
    technicians, on the conditions of the machines and, if necessary, the scheduling of
    maintenance jobs. Annual contracts can be personalised based on the degree of use
    and on the customer’s needs.
Available subject to contract and appointment, it ensure ordinary maintenance on the press
    by specialised technicians, in order to always keep it in the best operating conditions.
Repairs, overhauls, technological updates and anything else that may be necessary to
    satisfy the customer’s needs